Cura Personalis

It is the Jesuit resolve to know and treat each person as an individual made in the image and likeness of God. It encourages students, faculty and staff to build relationship, both in and out of the classroom, based on dignity, respect, and trust. Ideally and practically should be a place where people are believed, honoured and cared for; where the natural talents and creative abilities of persons are recognized and celebrated; where individual contributions and accomplishments are appreciated; where everyone is treated fairly and justly; where sacrifice on behalf of the economically poor, the socially deprived, and the educationally disadvantaged are commonplace; where each person finds the challenge, encouragement and support he/she needs to reach the fullest individual potential for excellence; where members of the community help one another and work together with enthusiasm and generosity. Cura personalis, the Latin expression which literally translates into English as the care of the person, forms the hallmark of Jesuit education.

Academic Assistance Programme (or Academic Probation) is a programme geared towards getting our weak students to work at an acceptable pace, through a close supervision of their studies, monitoring of their study habits and teaching them study skills. A student is placed on academic assistance when he/she scores below our least acceptable average grade of 70% in any of our continuous assessment tests or exams. The student on Academic Assistance does not take part in the following extra-curricular activities: clubs. The student on Academic Assistance will spend those extra-curricular activities studying under close supervision that ensures progress in those subjects and areas where the student has difficulties or performs poorly.

Class teachers and counsellors are to supervise their students on Academic Assistance. Every two weeks, these teachers are to give the vice principal a brief report on the academic progress of the students. Where necessary, subject teachers may also be asked to write a report on a student on Academic Assistance. The student will remain on Academic Assistance until the next academic assessment, after the grades for that assessment are published. The student will go off Academic Assistance when there is a remarkable improvement in grades, through sustained improvement in studies generally, and earnest academic purpose displayed by the student in question.

 Xavier Jesuit School does not want students to be on Academic Assistance, and therefore calls on other students to assist those on Academic Assistance to come off assistance as soon as possible. Academic improvement is our goal for all students, and we pray that this negative motivation will help those on probation.

Academic Assistance Programme


Xavier Jesuit School runs a modern state-of-the-art student dining and canteen. We provide breakfast and lunch to students based on subscription only. Students are allowed to bring into the dining hall food and drinks from home to eat during breakfast and lunch breaks. During meals, students learn to eat on their own, practice turn-taking in conversation and moderate their eating habits under adult supervisions. XJS policies on student dining hall conducts can be found in our student-parent handbook.


Due to our location and where our students come from, Xavier Jesuit School runs a highly subsidized busing services for students and staff to come to school daily. Our school buses and taxis run along RIA Highway and beyond for pick up and drop off services.

Health Matters

All new students require to notify the school of any medical or health condition. All medications must be handed over to the school nurse on resumption, together with what the medication is for, and what the dosage is. Students who have been treated by a doctor within three weeks before their return to school must bring to the school nurse a letter from the doctor who treated them. The letter must state clearly the nature of the diagnosis and the treatment given. The school nurse will be responsible for all first aid medical care to all students while on campus or during school events.

Extra-Curricular Programme

Academic Clubs include:

  1. Speech and Debate Club
  2. Quizzing/Spelling Bee Club
  3. Press Club

Non-academic Clubs include:

  1. Dance and Drama Club
  2. Health Club

Xavier Jesuit School seeks to help every individual student to develop his/her abilities, talents and personality to the fullest possible extent. As a step in this direction, the school enjoins all students to take part actively in its extra-curricular programme. There are more 5 different clubs in the school. A student is expected to have membership in one of the club groups.

As much as possible, students are given an opportunity to choose their own clubs. The clubs as contained in this handbook are grouped under academic and non-academic.

Lenten Contribution and Charities

Xavier Jesuit School commits to an annual visit to the less privileged to make donations during Lent (a period of fasting and prayer in the Catholic World). We usually solicit from donors, parents, staff and the general public for material gifts, food stuff, clothing, etc. to be donated to those in need. In previous years, we have donated to orphanages, distributed cooked food to Wein Town public school students and so on. This is our way of serving God and others around us.