Spiritual Life


  1. Ethical standards and moral courage.
  2. Respect and empathy for all human beings.
  3. Self-reliance, discipline, and healthy ambition.
  4. Desire to be competent men and women for others.

Xavier Jesuit School is an International Catholic School in Liberia run by Catholic priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Since our program of formation is centered on “character and learning” we take the spiritual life of our staff and students very seriously. We celebrate the Holy Mass every Friday for our school community and all students are required to attend. We regularly organize retreats and days of recollection for our school community. The aim is to attain a holistic education with rigorous formation of individual character, intellect, and personal attributes.

Personal Attributes

and Attitudes

  1. Reverence for God and a sense of the sacred.
  2. Sense of purpose: desire to develop personal potential.
  3. Leadership, cooperation, responsibility, accountability.
  4. Loyalty to family, friends, school, and homeland.
  5. Sensitivity to the differences and needs of others.
  6. Good manners.
  7. Good sportsmanship in all forms of competition.
  8. Respect for the natural world.
  9. Respect for school and home community.
  10. Understanding of the democratic system.


  1. Intellectual curiosity: ability to think critically, creatively, and independently.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Sensitivity to and appreciation of the broad range of intellectual fields.
  4. Desire to pursue higher education.